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Saturday, October 7

Registration – Cowin Auditorium

Sat/Sun Registration is located at the Broadway St. entrance to Teachers College, Columbia University (3040 Broadway, New York, NY 10027)

Coffee and refreshments on the second floor hallway of Horace Mann.

Opening / Welcome – Cowin Auditorium

Keynote: Yasmin Kafai – Cowin Auditorium

Our first keynote presenter, Yasmin Kafai, has some homework for us! Yasmin and Luis Morales-Navarro have written a draft paper called, “Twenty Things to Do with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.” Building on the constructionist tradition started by Seymour Papert and Cynthia Solomon, Yasmin and Luis invite our community to articulate and showcase ways to build, create, and think with AI and ML. Before we gather on Saturday, try to find a few minutes to read the draft paper and consider suggesting some new “things to do” in a community padlet

About Yasmin Kafai


Coffee and refreshments on the second floor hallway of Horace Mann.

Panels – FabLearn Fellows | Play and Wellbeing
Cowin AuditoriumFabLearn Fellows Panel
Milbank ChapelPlay and Wellbeing with Haeny Yoon, Lalitha Vasudevan, Mathew Berland, Nathan Holbert and Brian Cohen
Young Maker Poster Madness – Cowin Auditorium


Young Maker Posters | Lunch – Smith Learning Theater & Dining Hall

Young Maker Posters – Smith Learning Theater

Accessibility for obese, wheelchair and hearing impaired people on airplanesMaria Carolina Muniz Moreira Leite and Maria Helena Aranha Fraga
Building a glove-controlled droneEmre Gots
DJ samplerIsabela Elgarten, Maria Isabel Brito, Isabel Svartman and Sofia Rosa
EnergymBruna Dias Borges, José Milton Silveira Nascimento Neto, Thiago Vaz and Dan Loureiro Nascimento
Riley-Day ProjectAloysio Veiga Rodeiro Nery, Marcela Franco dos Santos, Thiago Vaz and Dan Loureiro Nascimento
Stroke Awareness Pursuit: Educational Toy for Instructing Stroke First AidNapapat Kiratikammolchai, Patnaree Balakul and Tridhawan Kangsathein
Back to myselfNicole Ortiz, Letícia Alfano and Thiago Vaz
A Study On The Design And Manufacturing Of Mechanical Sculptures: The Blooming Flowers AutomataCeren Dolu and Sedat Yalçın
Smart care: Use of Artificial Intelligence in the public health systemAlexandre Matyas Sennyey Vezzali, Caio Pereira Ricci, Eduardo Achkar Avancini, Pedro Laudisio Henriques and Andre Lozano Ferreira
Smart glove: Exploiting Internet of Things (IoT) solutionsLayla Maluf de Sampaio Moreira, Lígia Garcia de Freitas Souza and Andre Lozano Ferreira
Constructionism applied to solving real problems: Landslide monitoring projectFelipe Amorim Ferraz, Helena Consane dos Santos Biazzo, Henrique Roldan Ambrogi, João Vitor Oliva Battiferro, Manuela Chevrier Marques and Andre Lozano Ferreira
Healthy meal delivery drone: STEM approach to the problem of displacement in large citiesTomás Moherdaui Bernardoni and Tatiana de Souza Mendes Garcia

Lunch at Grace Dodge Dining Hall

Paper Presentations – Cowin, Milbank & Learning Theater

Full Paper 1 – Making and Identity – Cowin Auditorium

David Feldon and Colby Tofel-GrehlConstructionist Measurement: Using Making to Understand Multifaceted Identity
Juan Gutierrez, Xi Yu, Maria C. Olivares, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Ashley Houston-King, Clifford Freeman and Katherine K. FrankelYouth Pedagogical Development in Youth Teaching Rehearsals
Ashita Bawankule, David Hopping, Mike Tissenbaum, Howard Weatherspoon and Margie RuffinFostering Maker Identity and Collaboration: Affordances of the Connected Spaces Dashboard in Two Afterschool Makerspaces

Full Paper 2 – Maker Pedagogy – Milbank Chapel

Deborah Fields, Yasmin Kafai and Yanil De La Rosa-WalcottWhen Good Gets Better: Experienced Computer Science Teachers’ Reflections on implementing E-textiles in their Classrooms as a Vehicle for Advancing Equity
Annemiek Veldhuis, Yumiko Murai, Anna Lin, Kristiina Kumpulainen and Alissa N. AntleReimagining Assessment for Maker Education in Elementary Education: Findings from a Values-led Co-Design Workshop with Teachers

Special: Constructionist/Maker Futures 1 – Futures of Play – Smith Learning Theater

Ken KahnProgramming as a Dialogue with GPT-4
Gary StagerGenerative AI as Mathland and Constructionist Frontier
Soobin Jeon and Jeein JeonMathematical Constructions in Makerspaces
Educator Paper Sessions – Cowin, Milbank & Learning Theater

Educator 1 – Design for Social Good – Cowin Auditorium

Priscila Resinentti and Sergio JuniorEmpathy, Cooperation and Digital Culture: learning rights with an inclusive perspective
Oded Shorer, Lesa Wang and Jaymes DecGlobal Sparkathon: A Constructionist Approach to Tackling Plastic Pollution
Heather Pang, Bridget Rigby, Sarah Barnum, Helen Shanks, Nico Gallo and Wendy CruzIntegrating Digital Fabrication for Social Good
Jordan Mendes and Thiago VazPASTICATING: Students creating products with plastic that would go to the garbage

Educator 2 – Teacher Education – Milbank Chapel

Claudia Corriveau, Doris Jeannotte, Emmanuel Houde, Camille Lefebvre and Roxanne LabbéThe Design of Manipulatives to Reflect on Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Mariana Lederman Edelstein, Claudia Peria Godinho, Paola Salmona Ricci, Cassia Fernandez and Tatiana Hochgreb-HaegeleA Practice-Based Science Learning Workshop – From Design to Learning Implications
Bernhard StandlSuccess Through Failure: A Constructionist Seminar Design for Pre-Service Computer Science Teachers on Apps with Flutter
Mariana Lederman Edelstein and Mayra CapelossiEnhancing Mathematics Education: An Elementary School Student-Centered Project

Educator 3 – Integrating Making and Content – Smith Learning Theater

Mindy Perry, Sherri Kushner, Marcelo Worsley, Stephanie T. Jones and Sarah Priscilla LeeThe Journey of Two Makers/Educators
Susan SweeneyThe enhancement of constructionist activities in private higher education institutions in Ireland through the integration of visual, technological and human literacies
Crystal SmithVisual Embedded Assessment: Fostering the Development of Critical Dispositions in Maker Education

Coffee and refreshments on the second floor hallway of Horace Mann.

Young Makers Panel – Cowin Auditorium
Aloysio Veiga Rodeiro Nery, Marcela Franco dos Santos, Thiago Vaz and Dan Loureiro NascimentoRiley-Day Project
Napapat Kiratikammolchai, Patnaree Balakul and Tridhawan KangsatheinStroke Awareness Pursuit: Educational Toy for Instructing Stroke First Aid
Nicole Ortiz, Letícia Alfano and Thiago VazBack to myself
Ceren Dolu and Sedat YalçınA Study On The Design And Manufacturing Of Mechanical Sculptures: The Blooming Flowers Automata
Layla Maluf de Sampaio Moreira, Lígia Garcia de Freitas Souza and Andre Lozano FerreiraSmart glove: Exploiting Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Sunday, October 8

Registration – Cowin Auditorium

Sat/Sun Registration is located at the Broadway St. entrance to Teachers College, Columbia University (3040 Broadway, New York, NY 10027)

Coffee and light refreshments on the second floor hallway of Horace Mann

Barcamp – Smith Learning Theater | Workshops – Various classrooms

The Barcamp will be held concurrently with the workshops in the Smith Learning Theater. No registration required. The topics of conversation will be decided by participants at the event! Click here for more information. And check out the Padlet with session proposals.

Sunday Workshops

FabFolio: Student Portfolios to Elevate STEM Essential Skills and Technical FluencyKristin Burrus, Emily HurstHorace Mann 142
Tinker with a View: Share your story with code and cardboard using OctoStudioRyoko Matsumoto, Sebastian Martin, Carolina Rodeghiero, Natalie Rusk, Ronni Hayden, Ricarose RoqueHorace Mann 152
Strings are the New Numbers: Exploring the Programmatic Use of Large Language Models as MicroworldsJaymes DecHorace Mann 148
Repair: Bring a second life to objectsErin Riley and Aaron VanderwerffHorace Mann 433
What can we do with generative AI in our classrooms?Katherine Moore, Sarah Wharton, Eric KlopferHorace Mann 144
Space-bending Exploration: Empowering K-12 Educators and Students with IoTArnan (Roger) Sipitakiat, Nancy Otero, Walter Akio GoyaThompson Hall 322i
Engineering with Paper: Explore Spatial Reasoning and CAD with Simple SuppliesGodwyn MorrisHorace Mann 150
The Joy of TurtleStitching Curves and QuotesDr. Cynthia Solomon, Dr. Susan Klimczak, 3-5 Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn College Mentors & Youth TeachersThompson Hall 322
Opening / Awards

Keynote: Yamilée Youssaint Beach – Cowin Auditorium

Reimagining Joy in STEM

Black and Latinx girls are often unfairly seen only through a lens of trauma and pain. To counter this narrative, which wrongly suggests that they can’t enjoy the same experiences and freedoms as their white counterparts, we must celebrate joy. For Yamilee Toussaint, dance became a gateway to that transformative joy, sparking the energy she needed to drive change. Through dance, she connected with a sense of innocence and liberation, fostering a belief that the realm of possibilities was limitless, including a future as an engineer.

Over the past decade, Yamilee has encountered countless girls who’ve been told what they cannot achieve. Yet, we have the ability to create spaces where these girls can experience unadulterated joy. By doing so, we have the potential to reshape an entire generation of Black and brown girls, empowering them to rewrite history.

About Yamilée Youssaint Beach

Poster Madness – Cowin Auditorium

Lunch in Cafeteria – Dining Hall

Educator Paper Sessions – Thompson Hall 136, Milbank, Cowin

Educator 4 – Collaborative Partnerships and Building Networks – Thompson Hall 136

Aline T R Siqueira, Paola Salmona Ricci, Franciele Gomes and Liana M V MacedoConstructionist Circles of Inventions and the Writing Workshop
Florencia Talmon and Florencia PeiranoExpanding the scope of makerspaces in Uruguay
Charles Pimentel, Érika Soares, Isaac D’Césares, Letícia Alfradique and Maria Luiza Machado CamposAcademia and Basic Education Integration: a collaborative approach boosting Maker Education in the public education network in Tanguá

Educator 5 – Creative Computing Classrooms – Milbank Chapel

Chris Stinson, Robert Monahan, Jessica Vandenberg, Andy Smith, James Minogue, Kevin Oliver, Aleata Hubbard Cheuoua, Cathy Ringstaff and Bradford MottConstructing Knowledge, Deconstructing Classrooms: The InfuseCS Experience
Margaret Minsky and Yuchen LiExploring a Computer Embroidery Swatchbook in a University Classroom
Emma BrownMaking with Code: Web Apps Unit Retrospective

Educator 6 – Developing Student Agency – Cowin Auditorium

Ridhi Aggarwal and Rahul AggarwalAmalgamation of narrative discourse and maker-spaces as a tool for critical pedagogy
Lamiaa NailGirls Make: Breaking the Gender Barriers in STEM
Emily Dixon and Ryan KielyMakerspaces: A place for pom-poms or student autonomy?
Giliane Filismino Sales, Francisco Adones Pereira da Silva and Paola Salmona RicciPrototyping an Intelligent Clothesline Using the Gogo Board and Rain Sensors: Associating Problem Solving with Maker Culture
Paper Presentations – Learning Theater, Milbank, Cowin

Poster Symposium 1 – Smith Learning Theater

Luis Morales-Navarro, Yasmin Kafai, Ken Kahn, Ralf Romeike, Tilman Michaeli, Daniella DiPaola, Safinah Ali, Randi Williams, Cynthia Breazeal, Francisco Enrique Vicente Castro, Kayla Desportes, Gary Stager, Vishesh Kumar, Herminio Bodon, Marcelo Worsley, Victor R. Lee, Parth Sarin, Benjamin Xie, Jacob Wolf, Isabel Sieh, Deepak Varuvel Dennison, Raycelle Garcia and Cynthia SolomonConstructionist Approaches to Learning Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning: Past, Present, and Future

Special: Tech Frontiers 1: Innovative Construction Tools and Media – Cowin Auditorium

Phebe ChewCulinary Making: Democratized, Cultural Playgrounds of Possibility
Walter Bender and Devin UlibarriMusical Manipulatives
Stephen Howell and Lizbeth GoodmanYou Can Dance If You Want To: Body Pose input to Block-Based Programming

Special: Constructionist/Maker Futures 2: Constructing Constructionist Communities – Milbank Chapel

Jake Byrne and Carina GirvanAlgorithms for Designing Learning: A Constructionist Perspective on Teacher Professional Development
E Paul Goldenberg, June Mark, Deborah Spencer, Kate Coleman, Kathryn Chiappinelli, Kristen Reed and Zak KolarProgramming Microworlds for Elementary School Mathematics: What we’ve been learning
Carina Girvan, Chronis Kynigos and Alkistis VereviLeveraging the powerful ideas of constructionism to enhance emergent design thinking pedagogy

Poster Reception – Smith Learning Theater, Everett Lounge

Work-in-Progress Posters I
Location: Smith Learning Theater

Yuhan Lin, David Weintrop, Audra Selkowitz and Jason McKennaIt’s as Easy as 123: Supporting Users via Multiple Programming Approaches on a Single Device
Devin Jean and Akos LedecziWireless Embedded Visual Programming for Novices
Veena VasudevanWriting as Making: Towards a Critical Constructionist Literacies Praxis with Pre-Service Educators
Paola Guimeráns and Iva LiCo-Constructing Language Learning through Tinkering with Wearable Soft Controllers in Galician Creative Libraries for Elementary Schoolers
Sharon Hardof-Jaffe and Eran GusacovAI-Enhanced Philosophy of Education Studies
András Margitay-BechtConstructionist booster: a quantitative bridge program for first year university students
Kyohei Sasaki and Kazutoyo TakataProgrammable Oven Toaster: A Powerful Tool for Learning Chemistry & Home Economics in a Constructionist Way
Michael Tempel, Michelle Hughes and Bryan SandersMicroworlds, Powerful Ideas, and What do we do Monday?
Lana Issa and Ralf RomeikeConstructionism in the Light of Computational Creativity
Tyler Hansen and Colby Tofel-GrehlInvestigating Invasive Species by Constructing Data Visualizations with Teachable Machines and Coding
Hanya Elhashemy, Robert Parks, David Young-Jae Kim, Evan Patton and Harold AbelsonEmpowering Learners with a Low-Barrier Mobile Data Science Toolkit
Robert Monahan, Jessica Vandenberg, Andy Smith, James Minogue, Kevin Oliver, Aleata Cheuoua, Cathy Ringstaff and Bradford MottCo-Constructing Expert Problem Solvers: The Power of Constructionism in the Digital Age
Jayne Everson, Megan Hofmann and Amy J. KoSock-It-To-Ya: A Call for Collaboration on an Affordable Knitting Machine
Adelmo Eloy, Jacob Wolf, Nathan Rabinovitch and Paulo BliksteinK-12 Computer Science Ideals in Context: Lessons Learned from Co-designing a Constructionist Computer Science Program in the Global South
Xichen Li and Paulo BliksteinWrite Your First Song: An Interactive Interface for Music Novices to Express Music Ideas
Tobias M. SchifferleCYBATHLON @school scale up inclusion – towards a new low cost, high scale STEM module approach
James Fey, Raquel Robinson, Sarah Frost and Katherine Isbister“Are you doing anything I can interrupt right now?” Using Social Wearables to Support Communication in Remote Work Environments
Anna Keune, Naomi Thompson and Jenna KoenenConductive Chemistry Learning: Critical technological explorations for early childhood
John Chen and Uri WilenskyChatLogo: A Large Language Model-Driven Hybrid Natural-Programming Language Interface for Agent-based Modeling and Programming
Yinmiao Li, Fangqing He, Yumih Chang, Qianyi Chen and Mingnan DuEnchanting Woods: Engaging Children in Creative Expression through Interactive Storytelling and Embodied Interaction
Alexander Jones and Greg NelsonA Constructionist Learning Environment for Accessible Agricultural Robotics in Rural Communities via Making and Remixing
Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth and Junichi TakadaConstructing Sustainability: Integrating Constructionist Learning in Education for Sustainable Development
Yume Menghe Xu and Brian GravelPolitical Activism in a Youth Community Garden
Cynthia Solomon and Artemis PapertTurtle Geometry Today and Yesterday
Yipu Zheng and Paulo BliksteinSupporting Knowledge Construction in Making via Collective Process-Oriented Documentation
Lucius Von Joo and Blake DanzigMultivocal Play an Interactive Exhibit
Midhat Noor KiyaniCreate2Solve DIY STEAM Kits: Youth Participation in Making Activities to Solve Real-World Sustainability Challenges in Socio-Economically Vulnerable Communities
Xiaoyan QinKaleidolight: An Interactive Educational Device for Exploring Additive Color Theory and Creating Visual Arts through the Integration of Light, Color, and Shapes
Zhanlan Wei and Paulo BliksteinSpatial: An Embodied Learning Design To Support Geometry Learning Through Collaboration and Physical Movements
Yinmiao Li and John ChenCreative Expression through Color and Sound: A NetLogo Model for the Sonification of Color and the Visualization of Sound
Ronni Hayden and Jose HernandezStories and STEM: Designing for Relationship Building and Meaningful Forms of Expression in a Family Computing Workshop
Cecilé Sadler, Jaleesa Trapp and Paulina HaduongCivic Engagement in the Scratch Online Community as a Case for Civic Imagination in Creative Computing
Benadette Spieler and Tobias M. SchifferleMaking at School: Experiences from the Design-based Research Project
João Paulo Mannrich, Eduarda Boing Pinheiro and Elizandro Maurício BrickCultural Making and Scientific Education: elements for an ethical-critical approach from the global south
Giliane Filismino Sales, Antonia Renata de Araújo Azevedo, Mariana Lederman Edelstein, Paola Salmona Ricci and Claudia PeriaTransforming Teaching Science Education: Case Studies on Implementing a Constructionist Curriculum for Middle School Students

Work-in-Progress Posters II
Location: Everett Lounge

Inara Bezerra Ferreira de Sousa, Andréia Maria De Lima Assunção and Mariana Lederman EdelsteinThe Griot Dolls: Black Dolls to Think History Black Dolls to Think History
Mariana Lederman Edelstein and Sadia AhmedElectricCity: Electrical Block Circuits for Elementary Learners
Jose Armando Valente, Eliton Moura and Paulo BliksteinMaking Floats for the Brazilian Carnaval Parade: the Emergence of the “Situated Maker Space”
Mariana Lederman Edelstein, Luca Vernalha and Brett SchechterFostering Literacy Development through Constructionist Pedagogy: A Case Study in Elementary Education
Changzhao WangDesigning a Middle School Curriculum to Critically Explore Socioscientific Issues with Machine Learning
Yuhan Lin, David Weintrop, Audra Selkowitz and Jason McKennaTransforming Teaching Science Education: Case Studies on Implementing a Constructionist Curriculum for Middle School Students
Evgeny PatarakinConstructing various learning activities on the Semantic MediaWiki playground
Brendan JacobsIntroducing Provisional Multimodal Research (PMR): Constructionist Principles at the Methodological Level
Rodrigo Gonzalez and Carla DegregorioDiscover BBC micro:bit board as part of a dynamic and experimental AI learning process
Takeshi Watanabe and Yuriko SekimizuReconsidering a Picture Rewriting Rule-Based Programming Language for Preschool Children in Japan: A Comprehensive Study Using Viscuit

Research Posters
Location: Everett Lounge

Mariam Aljabaly and Hanna AarnioTeachers’ facilitation of maker-centered activities: A framework for video analysis
Mariana Lederman Edelstein, Marcelo Falciano, Blake Danzig and Nathan HolbertCobogó: A tool to empower play and make imagination visible
Yuval Segev and Yotam HodScaffolding School-Based Maker Education
Colby Tofel-Grehl and Tyler HansenLeveraging app making as a constructionist tool for developing Indigenous Hawaiian youth’s rightful presence
Harald BurgsteinerA novel generic app for mobile devices that utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create, share and deliver constructionist multimedia learning scenarios
Chronis KynigosConstructionism in building sustainable interdisciplinary research: the ‘Co.F.E.’ method

Reception at Everett Lounge on the first floor of Zankel Hall.

Monday, October 9

Registration – Milbank Chapel / Everett Lounge (!)

Monday registration is located at the main Zankel Hall entrance to Teachers College, Columbia University (525 W 120th St., New York, NY 10027)

Coffee and light refreshments at Everett Lounge on the first floor of Zankel Hall

Barcamp – Smith Learning Theater / Workshops – Various Classrooms
The ABCDs of Geometry: Analog, Body-scale, Constructionist, and Dance-basedLeah F Rosenbaum, Cecilia Fontanesi, Paul ReimerHorace Mann 152
Making with Your Phone: Teaching the Internet of Things to NovicesDevin Jean, Akos LedecziHorace Mann 142
The personal information space as a constructionist learning artifactSharon Hardof; Ruthi AladjemHorace Mann 146
Lemon Robotics Kit: Open-Sourced Bio-inspired Educational Robot Series to Enhance Quick Prototyping Skills of K-12 StudentsSedat Yalcin, Dilara Vardar, Iremsu Bas, Melis Alsan, Ahmet Burhan Bas, Ceren Dolu, Ismail Servan SevikHorace Mann 234
MoDa: Exploring Computational Modeling from a Constructionist PerspectiveTamar Fuhrmann, Brendan Henrique, Aditi Wagh, Adelmo EloyThompson Hall 322
Promoting Algorithmic Justice: Creating and Auditing Machine Learning-Powered Applications with YouthLuis Morales-Navarro, Yasmin KafaiHorace Mann 148
The science of lei making: Integrating and explicating the science of Hawaiian cultural crafting.Janice English, Jade Bowman and Colby Tofel-GrehlHorace Mann 431
How and Why to Teach Logo Programming to ChildrenGary StagerHorace Mann 144
Biomaking Board Games: A Workshop about BioMaterials for Making and LearningAlan Barrera, Maria Perez-Piza and Justice WalkerHorace Mann 424
Paper Presentations – Milbank, Learning Theater

Special: Constructionist/Maker Futures 3 – Future Constructionist Environments – Milbank Chapel

Alberto Montresor and Francesca FioreEmbracing the Challenge: A Committed Constructionist’s Reflections on Strategies for Fostering an Engaging Learning Community
Ann Berger Valente and Leo BurdBrazilian Creative Learning Network: a social movement approach to constructionist educational reform
Uwe Lorenz and Ralf RomeikeIterative Data-driven Optimizing Behavior (IDOB): A Structural Model for Enhancing Machine Learning Education and Understanding Software 2.0 Production

Poster Symposium 2 – Smith Learning Theater

Ricarose Roque, Ronni Hayden, Celeste Moreno, Janet Ruppert, Stephanie Hladik, Jose Hernandez, Ryoko Matsumoto, Sebastian Martin, Steph Muscat, Michael Wong, Mike Petrich, Karen Wilkinson, Rupal Jain, Natalie Rusk, Carolina Rodeghiero, and Caitlin MartinFacilitating Computational Tinkering: Exploratory and Expansive Collaborative Design Work with Informal Learning Educators
Paper Presentations – Milbank, Learning Theater

Short Paper 1 – Ecological Making – Milbank Chapel

Rita Freudenberg(De-) Constructing your digital footprint
Andréa Felix, Mariana Lederman Edelstein, Camila Campello and Thatiany LimaVisible Learnings: Shared Digital Tools for a Kindergarten Investigation
M Cecilia C Baranauskas, Emanuel Felipe Duarte and Jose Armando ValenteMaking a Path through Walking: Socienactive Perspective Contributions to Constructionism Futures
Ana Paula Pereira and João Vilhete Viegas D’AbreuConsiderations about Maker Education in the Curriculum of Teaching Natural Sciences in Brazil

Short Paper 2 – Constructionism and Creativity – Smith Learning Theater

Alex Kourchev, Jonan P. Donaldson and Jay WoodwardConstructing Creativity: Exploring Conceptualizations and Their Implications for Constructionist Learning Environments
Robin SamuelssonBalancing hands-on scaffolding and play-based activities for young children’s programming: Affordances for learning from instruction and guided play
Ralf Romeike, Petra Kastl and Peter BrichzinAgile methods as a methodology for implementing Constructionist Learning in Computer Science Education and beyond
Lunch on your own

Panels – Cowin, Milbank
Cowin AuditoriumCentralizing Artistic Practices in Constructionist Learning with Clarisa James, Lauren Vogelstein, Mia Shaw, and Erin Riley
Milbank ChapelComputing and Constructionism: Where have we been and where are we going? with David Weintrop, Ken Kahn, Yumiko Murai, and Ricarose Roque

Paper Presentations – Milbank, Learning Theater

Full Paper 4: Making in Challenging Contexts – Milbank

Yipu Zheng and Paulo BliksteinCan a Home be a Makerspace? Exploring Learners’ Diverse Needs and Experiences in Remote Making
Martina Francesca Ferracane, Fiammetta Menchetti, Veronica Ballerini and Silvia NoirjeanCreative STEM activities offered by FabLabs: how do they impact creativity and grit of high school students?
Sandra Becker, Michele Jacobsen and Douglas B. ClarkExploring Teacher Assumptions About Making Using MakerPCK

Special: Tech Frontiers 2: Constructing Constructionist Communities – Smith Learning Theater

Eliton Moura, Jose Armando Valente and Paulo BliksteinThe Emergence of the Samba School as a Learning Society
Leah Rosenbaum, Paul Reimer, Alik Palatnik and Dor Abrahamson“We Actually Cared because We Needed to Build It:” Broadening the Educational Spaces of Constructionist Design
Goki Miyakita and Yu HommaEmpowering Youth for Climate Action: Creative Learning in a University Museum Workshop Series
Paper Presentations – Milbank(!), Learning Theater

Short Paper 3: Constructionist Pedagogy – Milbank Chapel (moved from Cowin Auditorium)

Charles Pimentel, Jarret Dunbar and Lisa LittleMakers and Designers: the development of intellectual autonomy through a constructionist approach at the American School of Rio de Janeiro
Robin SamuelssonA pedagogy of tinkering: The pedagogical values of productive failure in childhood programming education
Colby Tofel-Grehl and David FeldonMeasuring the viability of maker technology adoption within classrooms: Evaluating teacher instructional and cognitive load through constructionism and making.
Mariana Lederman Edelstein, Andréia Maria de Lima Assunção and Daniela Andrade CordeiroPedagogy Scientists: Enhancing the visibility of research conducted by classroom educators

Poster Symposium 3 – Smith Learning Theater

Luis Morales-Navarro, Yasmin Kafai, Karen Brennan, Paulina Haduong, Varsha Venkatasubramanian, Tilman Michaeli, Heike Hennig, David Weintrop, Jennifer Tsan, Diana Franklin, Yerika Jimenez, Colin Hennessy Elliott, Michael Schneider, Jeffrey B. Bush, Deborah Fields, Mimi Recker, Jessie Nixon, Francisco Enrique Vicente Castro, Kayla Desportes, Casey Smith, Mike Tissenbaum, Ashita Bawankule, David Hopping, Nathan Holbert, Paulo Blikstein, Isabel Correa, Blake Danzig, David Zikovitz and Matthew BerlandProductive Designs for Successful Failure: Constructionist Perspectives on Supporting Personally Meaningful and Culturally Empowered Learning and Teaching

Tuesday, October 10

Coffee at Everett Lounge

Keynote: José Valente – Cowin Auditorium
Keynote: Ann Valente – Cowin Auditorium

“The Intersection of Freire and Constructionism in Brazil”

Panels – Cowin, Milbank
Cowin AuditoriumMaking around the world: Experiences & lessons learned with Paulo Blikstein, Tamar Fuhrmann, Sawaros (Sam) Thanapornsangsuth, Martina Ferracane, Florencia Talmon, Xiaoling Zhang, and Yuval Segev
Milbank ChapelMaking and Learning with and about AI and ML with Safinah Ali, Nettrice Gaskins, Francisco Castro, and Brian Smith
Lunch on your own

Paper Presentations – Cowin, Milbank

Short Paper 4 – Making and Play – Cowin Auditorium

Celeste Moreno and Paul ReimerDIY Board Games with Craft and Code
Amy Traylor, Leah Buechley, Ruby Ta and Alyssa JohnsonPaperCut: A Craft-Centered Approach to Digital Fabrication Using Cut Paper as a Design Medium
Rich Cooper, Mahjabin Chowdury, Jonan Phillip Donaldson and Madeleine BarthExploring Role-Play Game-Based Learning in the Literature Classroom

Full Paper 5 – Milbank Chapel

John Chen, Michael Horn and Uri WilenskyInteractive Constructionist Scaffolds for Agent-based Modeling and Programming in NetLogo
Rafael Fernandes and Jacqueline StaubUnleashing the Power of Turtle Graphics for Graph Algorithm Visualization
Herminio Bodon, Vishesh Kumar and Marcelo WorsleyConstructing Sports Technologies and Understandings: Constructionist Pathways to Enrich Athletic Experiences

Paper Presentations – Cowin, Milbank

Full Paper 6 – Collaboration – Cowin Auditorium

Annemiek Veldhuis, Aakash Johry, Tilde Bekker, Maaike Jetten, Emer Beamer Cronin, Madalina Bouros, Ioanna Garefi and Georgia SafouriDESIGN FUTURES: Collaboration and Creativity Self-Efficacy during Design-Based Learning and Maker Education in elementary education
Casey Smith and Mike TissenbaumThe REACH System: Boundary Spanning’s Support of Distributed Collaborative Making
Alekh V and Chandan DasguptaCreative Movements in Maker-Material Collaborations

Full Paper 7 – Objects-to-think-with – Milbank Chapel

Yumiko Murai and Cassia FernandezLearning through “playing with data”: Teachers’ perspectives on a constructionist approach to data literacy education
Leah Rosenbaum, Deborah Fields, Luis Morales-Navarro and Paulo BliksteinThe Transformational Power of Everyday Representations as Objects-to-Think-With in a Thai Farmer’s Life
Justice Walker, Alan Barrera, Maria Perez-Piza, Alex Acquah, Daniel Grushkin and Veena VijayakumarBiodesign: A Frame for BioMaking to Learn

Paper Presentations – Full Paper 8 – Constructionist Pedagogy – Cowin Auditorium (!)
Kalliopi Evangelia Stavroulia, Christos Kyrlitsias, Lefteris Ioannou, Yiannis Georgiou, Despina Grigoriou Michael and Andreas LanitisVirtual Reality and the Art of Empathetic Teaching: Enhancing Teacher Education Through Perspective-Taking
Chris SheltonSupporting Lower Attaining Pupils in Early Computing Education
Jacob Wolf, Jenny Han, Chris Proctor, Emma Brown and Paulo BliksteinConstructing Computational Identities: Exploring Constructionism and Identity in an Introductory High School Computer Science Course
Keynote: Dennis Komm – Cowin Auditorium

“A Spiral Curriculum of Constructionist Ideas”

Wednesday, October 11

Opening: Building Constructionist Futures / Keynote: Justice Walker – Smith Learning Theater

About Justice Walker

Constructionist Futures – Smith Learning Theater
Break out group discussions

The Future of Constructionism Panel – Smith Learning Theater
Smith Learning TheaterThe Future of Constructionism with Nathan Holbert, Paulo Blikstein, Kayla DesPortes, Carina Girvan, and Tobias M. Schifferle
Closing – Smith Learning Theater

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